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This is the first website that I both designed and coded. The layout is a simple centered design using a dark monochromatic color scheme that is gentle on the eyes. The sizing is set using percentages so that the design shrinks and grows with the size of the browser window. The photo gallery functionality was added with jQuery.

X disappearing act

Our flower girl made an unfortunate appearance in this photo. There were no other decent photos of the cake cutting, so I used some Photoshop magic to make our little photo-bomber disappear.

X portrait of Aiden

This was one of the first color portraits I did, based on a snapshot of my cousin taken during a walk. I concentrated a lot of detail around the eyes, then used a more painted style towards the edges. The background was sort of an afterthought; it's inspired by those silly school photo backdrops.


These are a couple more of my portraits. On the left is my dad, and to the right, a family friend and her newborn. In these portraits I opted for a hyper-realistic style. Each of them took more than 15 hours to complete.

vector butterfly

This was an experimental piece to see how well I could create a realistic looking butterfly using only vectors in Illustrator. The leaf and background were hastily painted in Photoshop.

portrait at Rattlesnake Ledge

A portrait of my friend and my sadly departed little doggie chilling out at the top of Rattlesnake Ledge. For this piece I tried to achieve a more illustrated look instead of realism. It also differs from my other portraits drastically in that the background is a focal point.

X 2009 auction invitation

This is the invitation design for the 2009 auction, with a West Side Story theme.

2010 auction invitation

The 2010 invitation, featuring a tropical theme. After using a simple color scheme the previous year, I decided to a be a bit more playful. The style is cartoonish, with the shapes of the waves being echoed inside the glass.

2011 auction invitation

The invitation for 2011. The design is insprired by romance, and the dark hues on the outside of the invitation are replaced by a soft blue on the interior. In addition to designing the invitations for that auction, I was also auction co-chair and organized the whole event from the ground up with my husband.

procurement brochure

This is a little tri-fold brochure about the Symphony. It was handed out to local businesses to help procure items for the auction.

X sample scrapbook

This app concept is a pet project I've been working on since November 2012. The idea is basically an app that lets you create digital scrapbooks for trips you've taken, and lets you share them with your friends using Facebook.


These are some wireframes showing the login screen and homepage.

map wireframes

The app also encompasses a map feature that lets you place pins showing where you've been.

stickers and borders

The last aspect of the app is the sticker section. Users select stickers and borders from here to decorate their scrapbooks with. The idea would be to have a few free sticker catergories, and gradually add premium ones that users could buy.

X clock project

This was a simple project to design and build a unique clock. It was definitely one of my favorite projects, and also one of the most challenging. The clock was built by hand using wooden pieces that I cut, sanded, painted, and glued together. This structure was then mounted onto a black plexiglass backing. Sadly the red hands were too heavy for the motor so the clock didn't keep time properly.

ideation process

These are two projects showing the design process from sketching to final render. The two final designs were created in Illustrator with vector graphics.

capstone project

This project was a concept for an emergency preparedness product. During normal life the item would serve as a lamp, and in case of emergency, the top can detach and be used as a flashlight, the white middle part has a small embedded radio for communication and a carrying strap, and the bottom houses a first aid kit.

sink project

Another concept product, this time for a sink that would make users more aware of their water consumption. The bottom of the sink is coated in a material which changes color when wet, then slowly fades to normal as it dries.

X logo design

Some initial ideas, and the final design of the logo. The I and P intertwine to form a treble clef.

program design

The program design was challenging because I had a small amount of space to work with and a very large amount of text. I tried to keep it simple and elegant with a centered design. The final version was printed onto slightly textured, off-white paper.

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